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Prace na hovno

Since we published David Graeber’s On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs online, it’s been read over a million times ( – plus a couple of thousand times on paper). It was physically republished in several places around the world, including De Grone, Le Monde Diplomatique and the Sydney Morning Herald, and it’s been translated a number of times, too.

One of the people to both translate and republish was a fortnightly, fold-out, Czech magazine called A2 (with the addition of some incredible local illustration). Someone who’d read the article and seen our Little Pocket Pamphlets then got in touch to ask if we could make a Czech language version. This is it – and fifty of them are currently on their way to Prague.


If you’ve got access to an A3 printer and some yellow paper, and you’d like to distribute a translation of #BullshitJobs get in touch with – we can make up a pdf for you to print. Here’s a list of translations that have already been done:

Práce na hovno (Czech)

Onzinbanen (Dutch)

Bullshit Jobs (English)

Mõttetute tööde müsteerium (Estonian)

Boulots de cons (French)

Unsinniger Jobs (German)

A humbugszakmák jelensége (Hungarian)

Lo strano caso dei mestieri farlocchi (Italian)

Par bezjēdzīgu darbu fenomenu (Latvian)

Fenomen gówno wartych prac (Polish)

Sobre o Fenómeno dos Empregos de Merda (Portuguese)

Despre fenomenul slujbelor de rahat (Romanian)

obre el fenómeno de los trabajos de mierda (Spanish)

Boktan meslekler… (fenomeni üzerine)  (Turkish)

And let us know if you’ve seen another translation, or you’d like to do one.

“Twenty-volume folios will never make a revolution. It’s the little pocket pamphlets that are to be feared.” – Voltaire.