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Princess pig laid a piglet!

Princess pig laid a piglet! And one day the little piglet will be a King pig himself: divine right and descendancy are how we choose the head of our farm, because some animals are more equal than others. Oink-oink, what?

To celebrate the passing-on of the regal genes, Strike! magazine has issued a special commemoratory sticker. It’s available from our shop at the heavily subsidised rate of 10 stickers for £1 (inc p&p).

Our Queen pig design was accompanied by this anti-monarchy micro-polemic in our spring issue:

Be the inferior to no one, nor of anyone be the superior’ – William Saroyan

Lots of people say, ‘oh, leave off the royal family, they do a lot for charity, y’know?’. If I was an unemployed multi-millionaire, I’d do a lot for charity, too. Many fine people do work for charities: almost all manage to get in everyday without the aid of a chauffeur. That the royal family are themselves a charity should negate any charitable work they do; why not cut out the middle-man and give the cash straight to those in need? This might avoid parties, palaces and peacocks being skimmed off the top.

‘Yes, but what about the tourism, man? Don’t forget the tourism!’ It is as absurd as it is insulting to the entire nation to suggest that people would not visit our green and pleasant land without showbox ios the Windsors that the entire sum of our cultural worth resides in the crown and its cronies. France doesn’t have a monarchy, but plenty of people go to Paris to see the Louvre. I hear the food’s half-decent, too.

We Brits love democracy. We’re mired in misadventure all around the globe, obliterating foreigners and putting our sons and daughters in danger, in its name. Yet in our own country, we’re happy with having a picture on our stamps and sterling of a lady who believes she deserves to be there by divine right – because God said so. And simply because, for as long as we care to remember, it has been so. Doesn’t democracy deserve better?

Isn’t it time for a re-think?

Here are some pics of the sticker in situ:



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