Private First Class

Peter Kennard is perhaps best known for his subversive imagery; we spotted this poem he penned about Chelsea Manning and asked if we could put it in print. Peter provided the accompanying image – entitled ‘Torture, Head 1000’ – as well.

Private First Class by Peter Kennard

Claw over the parapet
Voice raised
Is voice gagged.
The world as in fact it is,
Isn’t. In a Democracy of liars
Is a lock-up for facts

Three blows of a whistle:
One in hiding, embassy, London
One in hiding, transit building, Moscow
One in prison, U.S.A., somewhere

The stars and striping
Are bruises and lashes
This is the land of the free
Where the fee for whistling
is 36 years.

Chelsea Manning is born free and is everywhere in chains.

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