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Reclaim Love

Reclaim Love have been doing their very groovy thing for a decade now. Each year at 3pm on the closest Saturday to Valentines Day, people all over the world gather together to say:

“May all the beings In all the worlds be happy and at peace”

Our submission from Venus CuMara, founder of Reclaim Love, came about by a chance meeting in the back of a collectivo, on the way to a Rainbow Gathering in Chiapas State, Mexico, last Christmas. Pretty cosmic, huh? Here it is…

Reclaim Love by Venus CuMara

Standing up against war and oppression of any kind is indeed very honourable; it has now become normal to focus our attention on the atrocities we see occuring in our world. Lets face it, though, how many people truly want to listen to complaints? The complaints of our people have become such a normal part of our culture that this voice is being overlooked – it is now heard as the voice that you can’t bear to listen to.

How can we re-amplyify the voice of the people – and why do we continue to manifest bigger and bigger shadows as we move further and further form our collective dream? Surely, to live as one in peace is the dream of all those alive in the world today, whether this is a conscious or an unconscious dream, and no matter how it is manifested. Why do we focus on what we don’t want, when we have a choice: complain or cure?

The Reclaim Love movement and events began in 2003 to act as a platform for what I – as poet and activist – perceived to be the most obvious solution to the lack of peace and the growing list of complaints in the world. But just because it is probably the most obvious solution doesn’t make it easy – it is often the most overlooked, and even ridiculed, solution.

Pioneering a loving movement in a collective consciousness so stuck in keeping its focus away from Love is not easy. But not easy does not mean impossible. People who long to live in peace feel afraid of the word Love and are worried to be associated with it. They think its ‘hippy’, as if hippy was a bad thing. Well, ask yourself, why would the CIA have been so intent on stopping a movement that was promoting Love, Peace and Unity? Love has Power.

Ten years of Reclaim Love have passed and it’s clear that it has only just begun.  This platform has given public spaces around the world back to so many peaceful people, to be fearlessly fun and loving with one another. On the nearest Saturday to Valentine’s Day, people come together and celebrate what unites us and keeps us strong. In a world where people are repeatedly being taught to fear and compete with each other, the divine abnormality of these free gatherings is growing joyfully, and uniting communities across the globe.

This year I revealed a new dream for the future of Reclaim Love. This is to carve out a moment in infinity, where all those alive in the world will stop, as we do at Reclaim Love, to graciously and joyously honour the Love that unites, sustains and keeps us at peace.

It’s got to be bigger than Christmas. Christmas is too exclusive. We need a non-religious moment in which we stop what we are doing and come together. We need a moment where we stand side by side in our communities to celebrate and give thanks for Love. In this moment we plant our visions and our seeds of Love for ourselves and for the generations to come as we repeat from our hearts, in our local language, the words:

“May all the beings In all the worlds be happy and at peace”

We do it every year 3.30pm local time on the nearest Saturday to Valentines. Standing up for Love is brave, fun and honourable. You may get some strange looks at first but you won’t be overlooked.

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