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STRIKE! Magazine is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies and creative exspressions surrounding these movements.

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25th July 2015 – Tottenham Flea Pit

5th July 2015 – Alma Street Fair

28th June 2015 – Rethinking Economics

27th June 2015 – Tottenham Flea Pit

25th May 2015 – DIY Cultures

16th May 2015 – Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair

9th May 2015 – London Radical Bookfair

25th April 2015 – Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

25th April 2015 – Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

28th February 2015 – Real Media Conference, Manchester.

21st February 2015 – Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair

29th November 2014 – Manchester Anarchist Bookfair

29th November 2014 – Zine World, London

16th November 2014 – Defend the Right to Protest National Conference

1st November 2014 – South East London Zine Fair 2014

24th October 2014 – Alternative Press Pop-Up

18th October 2014 – London Anarchist Bookfair

27th September 2014 – Leeds and Bradford Anarchist Bookfair

12th July 2014 – Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair

31st May and 1st June – Dangerous Times Festival, London

25th May 2014 – DIY Cultures, London

10th May 2014 – London Radical Bookfair

26th April 2014 – Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

16th March 2014 – Leeds Zine Fair

15th March 2014 – Sheffield Zine Fest

15th February 2014 – Kilburn Comic and Zine Fair