Strike! hits the street

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been hitting the streets, and various events, with Strike!. We started out with papers on the floor (“yellin’, rag n bone style”) and have progressed to a full stall/pasting table. We’ve also endured some pretty cold Sundays down Brick Lane market, seen off our share of Market Enforcement Officers (did you know you don’t need a licence to sell a newspaper in the street? No, neither did they) and learnt pretty quickly that wind and rain and newsprint don’t get along at all well.

Of course, you don’t have to see us in the street to pick up a paper – you can also visit our shop and get Strike! through the post…

 Brick Lane – Winter 2012

Goldsmiths Winter 2012

Manchester Anarchist Bookfair

Brick Lane Spring 2013

DIY Cultures

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times

People’s Assembly

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