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Tube STRIKE! No. 2

We recently launched Nina Power’s Revolver Issue article – The Public, The Police and the Re-discovery of Hate! – as the second in our series of Little Pocket Pamphlets. This morning we hit London Underground’s Victoria Line with another little subversion…

“Public order is what the police in their crude way ‘protect’ when they beat protesters back, or cart them off to police stations all over the city, or harass black youth.”

“The public – that living body of astute passions – has been squeezed out of existence. No more public space, only public order.”

“We need to divide hate into two: the victorious, joyful hate of protesters, of those who break out of kettles, who escape arrest, who fight back against the police, of the true public who want everything taken from them back; against this, the dead-eyed suspicious hatred of the cops that treat them like they might be an alien species crossed with a whack-a-mole machine.”

“The police are not the public, and never were; public space, it turns out, is never ours and public order hangs like a ghostly shroud over all social life. The hate that rightfully belongs to the public must be reclaimed by force, before it kills us all…The public is dead! Long live the public!”


We went from Brixton to Walthamstow Central and back again. At the final stop we had some spare pamphlets, so filled her back up and left it here…

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