Issue 19: Radical Pedagogy

Pedagogy is about the different ways of learning. This isn’t just about the traditional four walls of a classroom, but about learning from exposure, from walking down the street, from listening to each other and ourselves. The question of pedagogy is political. We want to connect our needs and desires to reality. We want to raze reality to the ground by the forces of our collective desires. But this isn't just simple sixties Situationist stonerism—the old ‘kill the policeman in your head, man’—we need to learn how we go about doing it, together. How do you create the conditions by which desires for new worlds and new futures become realities?

Printed: October 2017

  • Contents

  • Radical Listening

    — Sarah Hempstock Soofiya Andry

  • A Green-Eyed Monster

    Savva Smirnov

  • Austerity and Education

    Julie Tomlin

  • Burning Down VS. Building Up


  • Compulsory Politics


  • Education Is Racist

    Amit Singh

  • Garden_lab, A Blueprint

    Assembly SE8

  • Housing After Grenfell

    Deptford Debates Deptford People's Project

  • I Was a Twenty-Something Anarchist Nanny

    Ina Fever

  • Know Yourself, Know the City

    Luke Gregory-Jones

  • LLC Introduction

    London Learning Coop

  • My Education Inside Amerikan Prisons

    Comrade Malik

  • Prison Education and It's Potential

    Haven Distribution

  • Sex-ed With Misha Mayfair

    Misha Mayfair

  • The Assignment

    Fred Moten

  • The Wealth Test

    London Learning Coop

  • Thriving Not Surviving

    Dhelia Snoussi Georgia Moona-Sam Sky Caesar

  • We Are Us and You Are You!

    Art Assassins

  • White Mirrors

    Amiya Nagpal

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